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In recent years, with the continuous development of China's stone industry, stone has been from the original high-end architectural decoration materials to thousands of households, becoming more and more user's choice, and in some areas to replace the ceramic tile become the most popular products in the field of architectural decoration. Since the cutting of natural stone and ceramic tile in appearance, price, function and so on is very similar, so many people will think that the two is not much difference. In fact, whether it is the nature of the product or the effect of the decoration, there are essential differences between the two, today, we have to take stock of the stone and tile on the architectural decoration of the comparative advantage:

One, product properties

Stone more natural material, after cutting, polishing, but the shape or shape has changed, and the material itself has not changed. Ceramic tile is in refractory metal oxide and semi metal oxides and through grinding, mixing, pressing, glaze, sintering process, and the formation of a resistant to acid and alkali of ceramic or stone material. Its raw material is mixed with clay, quartz sand, etc., belong to the chemical change of man-made stone, it is a new material formed by the chemical reaction of sand, stone and mud.

Two, the price comparison

After the purchase of ceramic tiles can be found in the home of workers at home, but natural stone material is needed to be processed in the ground, so many customers believe that the price of artificial stone more expensive than ceramic tile. In fact, in order to a yellow natural stone from Africa as an example, after processing its price is about 700 yuan per square meter, and a similar pattern of domestic ceramic tile price is 620 yuan per square meter, so, the price difference is not big.

Three, practical comparison

Stone has a strong durability and durability, since ancient times is the most important architectural and decorative materials, the world's best preserved ancient buildings are mostly stone building. Ceramic tile impact resistance is weak, easily broken: whether it is production, transportation, installation or use of the process, the tiles are very easy to break, the loss is large, this is determined by the nature of its own material, can not change.

In addition, the tiles are easy to wear, usually after the laying of tiles, the use of the family in the home side seam wear is about 6 months or so, 8-12 months, the surface of the tiles will have different degrees of wear and tear, the general use of the general in the 2-3 months will appear edge seam grinding loss, 6 months in different degrees of ceramic tiles. In the wear resistance, stone products are far better than the ceramic tile.

Four, color difference

Natural stone because of its natural, color difference is obvious, and the surface texture of natural stone is not rich, but the natural stone paving effect is natural atmosphere, this is the tile can not match.

Ceramic tile belongs to the latter part of the production of artificial processing, to a certain extent, to avoid the color difference, but again good tiles will exist, which is unable to avoid the problem, which is mainly due to the limitations of raw materials and production process.

Five, shape and accuracy comparison

Stone material can be different according to different requirements of cutting, ceramic tile because of the requirements, the shape of the limitations of the larger. In addition, the ceramic tile in the production process is due to the temperature changes or the limitations of equipment and process caused by a large margin of each side length error (detection method: the diagonal will be used to measure the length is not the same).

Six, thermal expansion coefficient comparison

Stone material is mostly taken from nature, the physical and chemical properties are very stable, and the thermal expansion coefficient is small, and the deformation variation of the product is seldom because of the temperature. While the ceramic tile thermal expansion coefficient is relatively large, easy to cause the deformation of the product, especially in the winter, easy to appear the phenomenon of ceramic tile.

Seven, security comparison:

Ceramic tile surface treatment process to make it in the use of the process of friction is very small, so it is very slippery; if the ceramic tile after the oil is more slippery. Every year because the tiles slippery and hurt the elderly and children too many to count some even disability. Even the agile young people sometimes will slip down - tile is too slippery.

By comparison, the stone products, although the finish is not as smooth as ceramic tiles, but is very suitable for living, walking, there will be no security risks.

Eight, decorative feeling comparison

In the decorative effect, every one of the pavement tiles and the family is not without a deep understanding of the tiles in the winter cool cold! Hence the risk of rheumatism arthritis - there are plenty, not to mention originally from rheumatoid arthritis of the old people in the long and cold winter to strove for the.

The stone like "jade", the so-called "gentle as a jade", for the good of stone products, decoration can let a person feel warm in winter and cool in summer cool and full of warmth.

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