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1, the tile area

  Tiles can be on the block for sale, or sold at meters. Paving should be calculated to the area before buying tiles. Some building materials store with the translation of the chart, depending on the area you can look up the number of tiles needed. Some tiled wall chart just know the height and width, you can find out the amount of tiles. Some tile box on a box of tiles can also specify how much paving area. A rough calculation up 80 square meters of floor area of about 14 cm can be 640 or 320 square tile tile calculate 20 cm square. After calculate the total should be added a certain number of spare, because it is inevitable loss Stones. Can be calculated using this formula generally required amount tiles: (each tile decoration area ÷ area) × (1 +3%), is the number of blocks required tile construction, the construction of which is 3% of the amount of loss.        

  If you plan to use some of the brightly colored tiles or tiles in plain tile pattern, you can be on the chart on the wall tiling patterned design, so that when estimating the number on the convenience. Tiles can be cut to the size of the paper on the wall, a pattern tile paving calculated the height and width of the area, take some time to do so, though, it can be seen in advance paving effect. Sometimes the color of each box tiles have subtle differences, before the Stones to mix thoroughly. If possible, it is best to buy the same batch of cartons tiles.

2, ceramic tile decoration materials accounting

  Paving tile auxiliary materials used are: Portland cement, white cement, sand, 107 glue, paving brick wall to be ordinary cement 11 kilograms per square meter, 33 kg of sand, lime and 2 kg, floor tiles per square m be ordinary cement 12.5 kg, 34 kg of sand. White cement is veneered rub after treatment with the seam, about 0.5 kilograms per square meter.

3, tile prices 

  Common side tiles is 20 cm, 30 cm, 40 cm, 45 cm and 50 cm several, now there are many sizes of larger tiles. From the production process can be divided into two kinds of glazed tiles and the whole body. Whole body tiles are divided into two kinds of anti-skid tiles and polished, but the same color of polished than the non-slip tiles around the high price of 120% of the price of domestic non-slip tiles W64 35 yuan per square Glazed tile occupied most of the market share class products. Glazed middle and low price 50 yuan per square meter to 80 yuan, the price of high-grade glazed 90 yuan to 130 yuan per square meter, the price of high-grade glazed basically between 130 yuan to 170 yuan per square meter between . 

  Use the bathroom tiled walls and floor are already established and accepted, in fact, tile in the bathroom can also come in handy other. Since the bathroom more humid, you can try using a locker instead of tile puzzle common bathroom furniture, it is not only easy to clean, durable, and easier with walls, floors harmonize. Of course, with a bath or shower tile puzzle Partition is a good idea.

  Floor tile price calculation is not difficult, it is important that you choose which method to count. Effective way to save money and is a good way.

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