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The Shuitou International stone fair organizing committee (in short named as the "stone exposition") 13, according to published data on this closing the "stone exposition" a procurement contract 1530, total trade volume of 8.48 billion yuan;Signing foreign trade orders of $382 million, trading contract number and total trade all hit most of all.

Collection of high-quality goods exhibition, trade negotiation, technology research, standard release, project docking for the integration of the "stone exposition", to "low carbon, high-end, culture" as the theme, a total of seven exhibition, 7471 booths, display an area of 366000 square meters, from Europe, America, Middle East, India, South Korea and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan more than a dozen countries and regions, more than 1500 stone enterprises, for domestic stone exhibition booth number most exhibition scale, one of the biggest international stone event.

Leonardo as Turkey is a giant stone industry co., LTD., chairman of the board, this is Tifick • tuke for the fifth time to participate in the stone exposition,and lead the senior management team to attend in person.Last year, he said, the company with sales of 300000 tons of waste stone platoon in Turkey peer first, ninety percent of whom are sold to the Chinese market, Shuitou Stone Exposition is an important window to outlook for the Chinese market.

The products of Stone Exposition mainly displays in creativity and culture, supplemented by stone machinery, stone auxiliary materials, building ceramics, plumbing equipment, and other decorative materials, through the way of exhibition, promote the development of the stone material industry, base and the market .Sitting on the stone lion's share, has the "China building materials [1.60%] of the township", "China stone city," said the south a radiation has become a global production of world-class stone trading center.The stone material industry processing equipment and process manufacturing has reached a world-class level, industry to upgrade quality presents from low-end to high-end development, formed from resource exploitation, production and processing to the mechanical manufacture process, marketing center, exhibition, logistics supply complete industry chain.In January 2013, nanan stone industry base was confirmed by the ministry of commerce for transformation and upgrading of China's first national foreign trade base.

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