International stone exhibition in Xiamen

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2014, We are toghter to make another success!

The 14th China Xiamen International Stone Fair on March 6-9, 2014 was held in Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center, the area of exhibition is 166000 square meters, set up 8600 international standard booths,the organizing committee invites new and old friends to make a new glorious chapter!

This conference around the stone industry development status and trend, stone design application, release new varieties, new technology of mechanical manufacturing, mining resources investment cooperation, environmental protection as theme, creating a series of professional and content is rich and colorful BBS and lectures.Here is not only a professional stone trade platform, but also the mix of first-hand information.Stone industry elite here from all over the world forward thought the fierce collision, development of stone industry all over the world gather new ideas, new looking forward to lead the world stone industry development direction.

Under the dual drive market demand and international influence, China Xiamen International Stone Fair climbed to internationalization and brand influence force, has become a "must to" stone of party!Enterprises in the international arena, set up a reception center of the most beautiful, to meet the quartet guests.Xiamen stone fair will focus on the core power for widely Big merchants to provide more high-quality, more professional and more sophisticated services, helping enterprises to do a good job of reception, promote the sustainable development of the brand internationalization and specialization.

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